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     Born in Marseille in 1967, Laurence Chiche lives and works in the south of France, in Aix-en-Provence.
A self-taught artist, she discovered painting in the 2000s and sculpture in 2018.
She admires the work of great photographers such as Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Patrick Demarchelier or Elliott Ervitt but also that of street artists like JR, JM Robert or David Walker.

"I am fascinated by feminine beauty and the expression of certain looks. Through my portraits I wish that each woman finds herself and feels at the same time light and deep, powerful and soft, magical and beautiful, welcoming and free, sensitive and vital, childish and wise, priestess and spontaneous, woman and complete. My portraits look like the people I am drawn to. "

After years of creations on this theme, treated then with few colors in order to accentuate the mystery, her attention has evolved to create with more colors and lights in order to extract from her portraits all their strength and their expression.
Painting is a set of elements composed on an external surface, whose concept is an inner necessity.

It is a form of communication of ideas and feelings. The work of art which is born of the artist will then escape him.

Detached from him, it takes an autonomous life and will lead a material life, animated of a spiritual force.

Whatever the medium she chooses, whether it is painting on canvas or collage on the pieces she first sculpted and then reproduced in resin, she always combines bright colors in order to best reveal the volumes, lights and expressions of her subjects. 


 "I paint essentially what I feel when I see a black and white photo. I don't so much try to depict a reality, as to convey emotions. I then imagine the finished painting and associate a name with it, to anchor this image in my memory. I then have to give life to this "vision" by painting the picture. The basic idea sometimes evolves.

However, as a general rule, I try to remain faithful to it."


 She associates with great freedom, her painting with numerous collages which bring to her work power, strength, vitality and cheerfulness.

The brightness and the harmony of these colored spots juxtaposed, then release gradually the energy released by each painting and give birth to these portraits which seem each one to want to deliver a message.


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